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Click on the STORE page above for options: live online lessons (from sept 2024), personal tutorial especially made for you, courses, free pdf downloads etc.


How do you want to feel? You try so hard and it just doesn't work? Not feeling well? Are you unable to get out of the circle of stress and can't get a grip on it? From my own experience and years of working with clients, I can teach you techniques that will release the roadblocks in your way. We create the space to get you moving for growth, strength and positive change. You are worth it, investing in your own well-being and health is important as it all starts with you!


It is scientifically proven that yoga, movement and proper breathing improve well-being in many areas:

  • stress turns into calm

  • depression turns into zest for life

  • pain turns into relief

  • weak muscles become strong

  • from stiffness to flexibility

  • anxiety/nervousness turns into ease

  • increases quality of life

  • memory strengthened

  • improve heart problems​​​​​

A private lesson is customized to your needs. Ideal if you want specific attention for something that is not possible in a group lesson, or if you have a deeper issue  (burnout, depression, dependency). Together we evaluate your goals; what do you want to achieve? how do you want to feel? What do you want to get rid of and what do you want to gain? From there we work on your specific goal. All of lifes experiences are being stored in the body and you can let go of those tensions through movement, awareness and reflection. Burnout, depression, back pain, hip issues, injuries, tension, negative thoughts, weak muscles, stiffness, anxiety, or other compaints; private lessons are completely tailored to you and your wishes and we will tackle them! Don't know exactly what you need? With my strong eye for detail and extensive experience, we will find out and start working together.



1. contact me

2. we plan a free, no-obligation introductory meeting of 30 minutes.

3. If we decide to work together, we make an appointment

4. you will receive an intake form

5. we start! (meetings are via zoom)

The lessons last around 1 hour and 15 minutes

1 lesson is an investment in yourself of €85​. You will receive a discount for bulk purchases.


Live online classes start after the summer holidays of 2024. Check back for more information or sign up for my newsletter.

If you can't wait; find my youtube channel in the link below or go to my STORE page where you can purchase and download classes.

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