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Groepslessen               : elke woensdag bij fysiofitness Annen

Retreats                          : Turkije - September 20-25, 2022

I'm very excited to be teaching in Golköy again. Join me for a week of outdoor yoga, good food and good company!

"Out of the mind and into the body"

Would you like to feel energised, flexible, healthy, connected, happy, calm, pain free and joyful rather than tired, stiff, unhealthy, disconnected, cranky, stressed, in pain or tearful?  Then this week is for you! Slowing down, finding physical and emotional wellbeing surrounded by beautiful nature, calm sounds and sights! No more over stimulation! Heleen's years of international yoga teaching experience, strong eye for detail and personal attention, holds space for you to move (yoga), breathe (pranayama) and be in the moment (mindfulness) so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed and find calm, balance, and ease instead. 

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