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wellbeing - yoga coach

I guide and support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by using the techniques of Yoga, Breath, Mindfulness and Meditation. We work together to find inner calm in all situations that come on your path and build a strong and positive connection to yourself, your body and the world around you. Lets be balanced.

My name is Heleen and I coach with full attention so that you get moving physically, mentally or emotionally. I do this with the techniques of yoga, breathing, conscious movement and mindfulness. After 20+ years of teaching internationally in places like London and Silicon Valley, I now teach private lessons and intensives online and locally in the Netherlands.

My expertise and style? Getting you moving for change. Everything you experience in life gets stored in the body​ en that can get in your way without you knowing it. Learning to listen to the signals your body gives you, being able to feel where things are stuck and then working with them and in the process growing closer to yourself: transformation on a physical, mental and emotional level!




In my coaching our work is directed towards finding you balance and healing (from stress related issues like burn-out, anxiety and overwhelm or physical related issues like pain, chronic ailments and limitations). With the help of yoga, movement, talk, mindfulness, meditation and breath we find you relief. You will be amazed how quick you will will feel lighter, more at ease and energised, ready to take on whatever comes your way.

THE way to take a live class with me! Begin the day with morning yoga or learn all about different techniques in one of my monthly workshops! Move your body, find your center and calm and be ready for whatever comes your way (starting September 2024. Stay tuned for the exact start date).

A library of classes and courses for you to practice along with at a time that suits your personal schedule. SEE THE STORE page for current options and stay tuned for the release date of much more!

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Questions or book a session? I'd love to hear from you!

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Greetje, NL

I am more aware of my body. Sometimes I walk with my shoulders hunched and my fists clenched. I pay attention to that now and can relax better.

Duilia, USA

I participated in an intensive led by Heleen. I absolutely loved the program and our meetings were my reset button. Heleen is extremely loving and her guided exercises so enlightening. I highly recommend her work. She is inspiring!

Melissa, NL

After Covid, the lessons with Heleen have taught me to relax and I can release that tension. I am also stronger and feel a satisfied, relaxed and loose feeling in my body.
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