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On a physical level yoga, breath and mindfulness can balance your hormones and digestive system, lessen chronic pain or  physical issues and of course, these disciplines make you more flexible and stronger (both physically and mentally). They can also change negative thinking patterns to more optimistic ones, lower stress levels, and increase your overall sense of well-being. Your awareness of what you are doing grows, which increases the "in the moment" experience and an increased sense of peace. All this creates healthy habits and so much more...


Connection with self; your body, your mind, your emotions and feelings.

Positive self image and self acceptance.

Coping with stress and anxiety.

Changing negative thinking into a positive mindset.

Personal development.

Finding balance, ease and peace (in body, mind and spirit)

Relief from chronic issues (physical, mental or emotional)



....was as a 21 year old between a group of older ladies. Easy I thought, probably boring. Well.......there it was, at the end of the lesson we had to lie on our backs and  the teacher started guiding us through a relaxation exercise. She started with: “relax your toes”. Uuh, WHAT? Do your toes relax? She went on: “relax your big toe”, “relax your second toe”, and she continued down to the little toe and detailed all over the body, even the organs! I didn't know what happened to me and thought; no way! you can feel your toes and relax them? you can feel your organs? That was such a revelation to me that I suddenly became aware of the fact that until now I have experienced all movement from the outside. In a studio, standing in front of a mirror  (looking from the outside, not feeling from the inside)  or running around to keep fit. I had never been aware of how a movement actually feels in the body and how you can give much more aware attention to a movement and to your body. I moved a lot but the connection with the body, and the feeling was not there. Yoga. Finally I had found a form of movement that had everything I was looking for: movement, balance, depth, spirituality, connection.This was it!

After running my own Yoga School in Monterey CA, after 22 years of living and working abroad, I'm back in the Netherlands since 2018 where I love sharing my experience. I have the neccesary certifications but the most important teachins I received were my own practice together with all those who have worked with me through the years or have taken my lessons`.


My areas of expertise are looking inside through moving (movement), through that start the change you want (awareness) and within the tranformation that takes place find the calm (reflection). I have a strong eye for detail and can see or sense what needs to be worked on. This can be physical (injuries, pain, tension, chronic issues, bad habits) or mental (stress, burn out, depression, anxiety).


Mother of two teenagers

A recovered perfectionist

Been at home in Germany (Cologne), England (London), India (Mysore), USA (California), Taiwan (Taipei) and the Netherlands

Developed a Mindful Movement program for 12 primary schools in California 

Owned a high-end second-hand store

Love herbal teas

Love to laugh and you notice that in my lessons

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